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Have you ever wasted hours trying to solve a problem only to find that there has been a solution to that problem the entire time? I have and it can be extremely frustrating.


Not checking for existing Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s) or other resources before attempting a service repair can be a major point of frustration.

frustrated mechanic


Manufacturers constantly publish Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) that explain a problem and its solution. There are thousands of TSBs on brakes alone. The days of being able to pull everything from memory are long gone. A techncian’s reliance on the written or electronic word increases everyday. Accessing this information should be incorporated into the service process. The process should proceed as follows:

  1. Customer interview (See page 2 for more detail)
  2. Check vehicle for existing TSBs
  3. Test drive
  4. Inspect & diagnose
  5. Perform repairs

Incorporating the check for TSBs at this stage in the process will allow you to include any road test tips the TSB may provide in your test drive. Some TSBs provide information on how best to duplicate a problem and what to look for during a test drive.

Many shops wait until they are in trouble before checking for TSBs. This is a mistake. The sooner you have the information the better off you will be. Many of the fixes listed in the TSBs will never be able to be duplicated in the field regardless of the amount of time and effort put forth. Having the information before you perform your diagnosis will save time and effort. With so much information available and access to this information being made easier every day, why not use it to same time, headaches and frustration? We hope you will and we hope you keep coming back for more Tech Trick Tuesday tips and tricks.

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