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Not all of the specifications provided are 100% accurate.


Consolidated specification sources often make mistakes when compiling the information from the various manufacturers.


Verifying accuracy of rotor and drum specifications.

A close look at Figure 21.1 shows the 1998 Buick Skylark vehicle listed having different machine to specifications. Depending on the circumstances using the wrong specifications could result in machining a rotor that should have been replaced or selling one that could of been serviced.

Figure 21.1 Rotor Specs

You are making some pretty important decisions based on the specifications you get out of your specs book – you need to make sure they are accurate. Read our previous post on Rotor & Drum Specification Issues as well.

The best method is to find two specifications from different information providers that are the same. The most accurate sources are the rotor itself, information providers such as Mitchell or All Data, and specifications provided by the parts manufacturers.

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