Rock Honda Reports Doubled Brake Fluid Flush Sales with New Service

Using BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test Strips, Rock Honda, a Fontana, CA car dealership, was able to double the number of brake fluid flushes they sold.

Fontana, CA (June 6, 2014) – Rock Honda has announced a doubling of the company’s brake fluid flush sales after they started using BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test Strips, one of Phoenix Systems’ brake system products. After starting the BrakeStrip System, the new and used car dealership experienced excellent growth in the number of brake fluid flushes they sold. Not only did this improve their bottom line, but it also improved their customer service and helped make their customers feel safer on the road.


“We had some changes in personnel last month on the drive,” said Ruben Serna, Parts and Service Director for Rock Honda. “However, we were selling about 125 to 150 brake fluid flushes per month, and we are now selling over 300 brake fluid flushes. We found that by showing clients the results of the brake fluid ‘test strip’, we have been able to also sell other services, like power steering flushes.”

While the increase in sales has benefited the dealership, it’s not the only benefit the dealership has seen. “Customers appreciate being told that we tested the fluid,” stated Mr. Serna, “and they love it when we tell them that their fluid has been tested and it passed! It’s almost as if they were studying for an exam and got a passing grade! The test strip is something tangible that helps our policy of ‘Show and Sell’!”

BrakeStrip is a fast, 60-second test that helps dealerships, like Rock Honda, show their customers the quality of their brake fluid. Dealerships can then recommend a brake fluid flush based on visual proof of contamination.

About Rock Honda

Rock Honda is a Fontana, CA based dealership that has been in business for more than 20 years and they are committed to exceeding customer expectations and offering customers the highest level of quest satisfaction available.

About Phoenix Systems

Phoenix Systems deployed its copper corrosion brake test strips in 2000 and more than 85 million BrakeStrips have been sold. Since then, the company has been committed to research and development to remain at the forefront of the automotive technology industry. Phoenix holds over a dozen US and foreign patents as a result of their pioneering efforts in the automotive industry. Project Stop Safe is Phoenix Systems’ latest initiative in keeping drivers safe on the road. More information on how to become a Certified Dealer can be found at


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