Phoenix Systems Announces Three New European Brake Bleeding Kits

Owners of European model cars and the mechanics who work on them can now enjoy the convenience of Pressure Brake Bleeding with the introduction of three new Phoenix European Brake Bleeder kits. Each kit works with almost all European vehicles and provides superior brake bleeding with pressure, reverse, bench and vacuum bleeding capabilities.

St. George, UT (PRWEB) May 22, 2016: Phoenix Systems, the makers of the Reverse Brake Bleeder, has announced the addition of three new brake bleeder kits designed to fit almost all European model vehicles. This new addition is an effort to further provide more simplicity and convenience to mechanics and professional-technicians across the automotive industry. These three new European brake bleeding kits allow a much quicker method for pressure bleeding than traditional methods.

All of the European kits pair one of the three classic Phoenix brake bleeders with a master cylinder cap that is suitable for most European cars. The vehicle models for the cap include Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SAAB, Volkswagen, Volvo, and all other cars with 45mm threaded hydraulic fluid reservoir cap.

The first of the three new kits is the MaxProHD European Brake Bleeder. This heavy-duty tool contains an aluminum alloy hand pump with a powder coated finish for easy clean up. The V-12 European Brake Bleeder is next in line, and is used regularly to bleed brake and clutch systems. This bleeder contains a hand pump made from high strength nylon zytel. Both of these brake bleeders are fully rebuildable and represent an excellent investment. These two are also considered professional level kits for the certified mechanic.

For home mechanics, Phoenix Systems launched the V-5 European Brake Bleeder. This introductory brake bleeder has the same mechanical functions as the other two, but with a more simple hand pump. All three of these kits are capable of performing pressure, reverse, bench, and vacuum bleeding. The master cylinder cap allows these three units to function as a pressure bleeder and makes the reverse bleeding process even quicker. All kits include attachments to fit bleed screws and clutch weep holes as well.

“We have been missing a huge part of the market by not reaching a number of European model vehicles,” said a Phoenix Systems representative. “With the addition of these three new kits, we are expanding our reach and ensuring our service providers who use our products can provide superior service to all of their customers.”

For over two decades, the Phoenix Systems brake bleeders have become a favorite among certified mechanics and owners alike. The company has made this new addition to these classic products, with hope of their clients being able to provide exceptional service to their own customers, or enjoy the convenience of professional brake bleeding at home. These European specific kits have been developed to break down the complicated brake job process into a simplified process  for these European made vehicles.

Background: Phoenix Systems has been leading the way, bringing exceptional tools and technology to the auto care industry, for many years. Today, the team holds over a dozen US and foreign patents and has brought new technology to the industry. Leading the list of products Phoenix Systems has pioneered is its signature Brake Bleeder line of brake bleeding kits. Learn more about Phoenix Systems by visiting

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