Phoenix System Announces Filpac Agreement to Distribute Entire Product Lineup



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Phoenix System Announces Filpac Agreement to Distribute Entire Product Lineup

Filpac has chosen to take on the entire line of Phoenix Systems products. With this agreement, Phoenix Systems’ line of brake care products will join an extensive list of products that Filpac distributes to its automotive partners.

St. George, UT August 5, 2015 — Filpac Products, Inc., has announced its intention to take on the entire product list offered through Phoenix Systems. Filpac is a distributor of automotive parts, tools, equipment, chemicals and accessories that focuses on the needs of auto repair and quick lube centers throughout the country. With Phoenix Systems products, which make diagnosing and repairing braking systems more efficient and effective, Filpac will be able to improve the products it offers to its partners.

Phoenix Systems is known for its innovative braking system service and repair products. One of those products, BrakeStrip, allows automotive repair professionals to do a quick test that shows in seconds whether the braking fluid needs to be replaced. This allows them to recommend a fluid flush with confidence and visual proof that it is needed.

As a distributor that focuses on the needs of auto repair and quick lube service providers, Filpac is always looking for products that will improve their clients’ customer service and overall income. Phoenix Systems, and specifically its BrakeStrip product, fits the bill perfectly. “I am excited to partner with Phoenix Systems and offer our customers a reliable test to determine when to change brake fluid in accordance with MAP guidelines,” stated Matt Callahan, Sales Director for Filpac. “We are now ready to teach our customers how they can add this profitable service to their lineup.”

Because Filpac has a national reach, this partnership is one that Phoenix Systems is embracing with enthusiasm. “Filpac is a name that service providers know and trust,” stated Ben Leamon Martinsen VP of Marketing & Operations with Phoenix Systems. “When Filpac professionals offer our products, we know that the people who need them most – those in the automotive repair industry – will listen. Our products will be joining some of the industry’s best known names, and we are excited about that.”

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Since 1994, Phoenix Systems has been providing those in the auto repair industry innovative solutions to help them utilize technology to provide better service to their clients. Phoenix Systems has a long list of innovative products to make automotive care professionals’ jobs just a little easier. To see their popular brake care products, visit

About Filpac

Filpac Products, Inc. distributes automotive parts, chemicals, tools, equipment and accessories to Quick Lubes and Auto Repair centers nationally. We have been serving our partners since 1987! While maintaining the highest level of service and customer support, our mission is to provide our partners with high quality merchandise they can count on at the lowest possible price. Filpac provides a 98% immediate fulfillment rate and our partners appreciate and expect the consistent high level of service Filpac provides. Filpac offers such name brands as AC Delco, Autolite, Bosch, CTA, Dayco, EIKO, Graco, KD, KlearVU, Lisle, LuberFiner, Smart Blend, Stant, PurePRO, Rain X and many more great lines. Visit to learn more.

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