Phoenix Systems Releases New MAXPRO-HD Reverse Brake Bleeder…

Available for Service Professionals!

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ST. GEORGE, Utah – Phoenix Systems listened to their customer feedback and has introduced a new MAXPRO-HD™ (Heavy Duty) – a reverse brake bleeding system that allows automotive service professionals to efficiently perform one-person brake services, including ABS.

The MAXPRO-HD works by removing trapped air in a brake system, which naturally wants to rise. The air is pushed up and out the master cylinder to create a firmer pedal.  This increases braking power, responsiveness, and reduces vehicle stopping time.  Constructed from durable die-cast steel and aluminum, the MAXPRO-HD is designed for professional use.

Features of the new MAXPRO-HD Reverse Bleeder make it the best bleeder available:

  • Brake fluid compatible powder coated finish that cleans easily
  • Smoother action handle to alleviate hand-stress
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty to prove the durability of the tool
  • Updated hard case for easier storage and cleanup of tool
  • 20 ml cylinder for a quicker bleeding process

“Our patented reverse brake bleeding system reduces the amount of time and the number of techs needed to perform brake and clutch service and achieve that perfect pedal, which is important for today’s shops looking to complete as many billable jobs as possible and eliminate comebacks,” said Jon Petty, CEO of Phoenix Systems.  “Plus, it’s versatile enough to perform a combination of bleeding techniques, including reverse, pressure, vacuum or bench to easily bleed ABS systems and clutches.”

Each MAXPRO-HD reverse brake bleeder comes with an updated hard case and is fully re-buildable so the consumer saves time and money if something ever does happen to the tool.  For more information, visit www (dot) brakebleeder (dot) com.

About Phoenix Systems

Founded in 1994, Phoenix Systems is committed to providing cutting-edge tools and technology for the automotive undercar industry.  The company has pioneered many new technologies resulting in more than a dozen patents to change the way brake systems are serviced.  BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test Strips, that utilize copper testing technology, is an industry leading brake fluid test.  The company’s patented Reverse Bleeding Technology is available in a variety of brake bleeder systems used by both auto care professionals and do-it-yourselfers.  For more information, write to Phoenix Systems, Attn: Ben Martinsen, 4012 S. River Rd. Ste. 4B, St. George, UT 84790; call 435.673.0777; email at ben (at) brakebleeder (dot) com, or visit www (dot) brakebleeder (dot) com.

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