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BrakeShot is a Brake Fluid Booster that fights moisture and internal rust by providing a protective layer of filming amines and buffering agents to brake fluid, which helps provide safer stops and a much longer lasting brake system.

  • Protects your vehicles ability to stay on the road during high speed hairpin turns
  • Shields your Anti-Lock brake system from dangerous moisture and corrosion
  • Defends your vehicles ability to keep traction in wet or icy conditions
  • Strengthens your brake fluid’s ability to provide stopping power to your Crash Avoidance System during Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • DOT approved and compatible for use with all DOT 3,4 and 5.1 brake fluid
  • BrakeShot should be added to your brake fluid master cylinder every 15k miles for full protection benefits
  • Notice: Do Not overfill your brake fluid master cylinder
  • If needed use a syringe or kitchen turkey baster to remove an ounce of brake fluid before adding BrakeShot
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Most of today’s vehicles come equipped with a Crash Avoidance System. The dash lights that let you know whether this system is working or not include the (ABS) light, the small car with squiggly lines under it, the ESC/ESP light and the BRAKE light. The Crash Avoidance System helps prevent your car from slipping in wet or icy conditions, it helps keep you on the road during a high speed hairpin turn, it applies brakes to help you avoid a distracted driving collision and of course provides anti-lock braking during an emergency stop. The lifeblood of all these systems is one of the most neglected fluids in your vehicle “Brake Fluid”. Overtime Brake Fluid wears out just like any other vehicle fluid and should be changed, but changing brake fluid can be expensive and knowing when to change it can be a mystery. Luckily there is another option. It is called BrakeShot. BrakeShot will boost your brake fluids ability to protect your Crash Avoidance System. Each bottle of BrakeShot protects the entire Crash Avoidance System from the degrading effects of moisture and internal rust that normally lead to premature system failure. BrakeShot is a 1 ounce bottle of protective additives that are D.O.T. approved and compatible and safe for use in all modern and classic vehicles. You simply add the 1 ounce bottle to your brake fluid master cylinder for years of added protection.

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This solved all the problems in my hydraulic system easy to use.
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