Brake Free 3 pack Multi-Pack (Removes frozen bleed screws & bolts)


The BrakeFree vibrates the bleeder screw and can be worked back and forth with a 3/4 ” wrench. We found it to be 85% effective in removing rusted bleeder screws. NOTE: sockets not included.

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Product Description

The BrakeFree plugs into a standard air hammer and then, with the proper socket, over the bleeder screw.

This Kit includes 3 BrakeFree Tools
Works with standard air hammer
Induces optimal vibrations
Proven 85% effective in freeing rusted bleed screws
Works in as little as 60 seconds per bleed screw
Includes a 90 day warranty

Works great for the weekend mechanic
Saves time and the frustration of rusted bleed screws
Prevents replacing good parts with rusted bleed screws
Simplify brake fluid exchange service
Provides service facilities the confidence to offer brake fluid exchange service even in the rust belt

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 5 in



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