Brake Fluid Testing

Check your brake fluid with Phoenix System’s BrakeStrips! Our BrakeStrips are the best brake fluid tester out there for getting accurate results quickly. Simply dip a test strip into your brake fluid for 60 seconds, then pull it out and see the results. It’s as easy as that!

Choose between a variety of different brake fluid test strips. We also carry test strips for testing your coolant with our signature CoolantStrips. For the best brake fluid tester, shop with Phoenix Systems. We make testing your brake fluid easy so that your vehicle can receive the care it needs.

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  • Coolant + Brake Fluid (15 Pack) Foil Wrapped Double-Ended Test Strips

  • Ford Brake Fluid Test

  • BrakeStrip 100 Brake Fluid Test Strips

  • Coolant + Brake Fluid 100 Dual Test Strips

  • BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test Kit-Copper + ID

  • Brake Fluid Corrosion Report Card

  • BrakeStrip ID (The D.O.T. brake fluid test)

  • Brake Fluid Test Kit – 100 Strips and Cards

  • BrakeStrip FASCAR Rating scale / 400 cards per box

  • BrakeStrip 2 strips per card / Retail packaging

  • BrakeShot Brake Fluid Crash Avoidance Treatment