Whether you’re building HotRod’s, repairing passenger vehicles, or servicing power sports we have the resources to bring your tool ideas to life and the relationships to get those tools in tool trucks and on store shelves.


1. Have a tool idea?

We are always looking for new ideas to develop or license!

4. Always experiment

Don’t stop with just one idea. Continue experimenting. You never know when you’ll have the break through that changes your life!

2. Submit idea

Fill out our simple, secure submission form. It is 100% Free with no strings attached.

5. Selection

If we fund your idea and bring it to market then you’ll receive royalties or a one time lump payment.

3. Review idea

Each idea or innovation is evaluated by our expert team.

6. Secure

Your ideas are kept in our secure database and only shared with the evaluation team.


We are currently looking for tools you have created or thought of creating to help with Undercar and Drivetrain repairs for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Your ideas can be patented or not. They can be something you simply sketch on a piece of paper or a picture of something you welded, duct tapped, wired or designed to make a repair easier, faster or possible. We would also like to hear about repairs or projects that could have been faster if you just had the “Right Tool”. Last but not least, we want to know about tools that you have found new uses for. For example, have you used a brake bleeder to bleed a clutch or have you made a wrench that makes removing serpentine belts a whole lot easier? We want to know about it. The more you share the better your chances are to have your idea selected.


Since 1995 Phoenix Tools has been bringing innovative Automotive Tools to the market. Some of our products include brake fluid and coolant test strips, reverse brake bleeders, bleed screw removers, thread sealant, flush machines, master cylinder bleed caps and heavy duty class 8 clutch bleeders.

No matter what your tool idea is or how developed it may be, we have the resources to bring it to life and the connections to get it distributed.


100% Free to submit your idea. Get started today.

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