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Brake lead or pull and/or outboard premature pad wear on Chevy & GM trucks


Insufficient clearance between caliper and steering knuckle (See Figure 13.1). Heat expansion causes caliper to bind in knuckle causing side to side brake imbalance. This condition will also prevent proper outboard pad release and will result in premature outboard pad wear.

Figure 13.1 GM Caliper Clearance


If one of these trucks presents itself with the symptom of brake lead or pull and/or premature outboard pad wear the caliper to knuckle clearance should be checked. Follow the steps below:

1. Measure the clearance individually and add the two values together. Total clearance should be greater than .010”. If clearances are not within tolerances go to next step.

2. Correct clearances by filing metal off of knuckle stops to achieve a total clearance between .010” and .024” (See Figure 13.2). Do NOT remove material from the caliper.

Figure 13.2 Checking GM Caliper Clearance

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