It is true that brake jobs can be done with basic tools but it is also true that you can take a file to your knuckles and punch calipers in your spare time. Life is full of choices that all have consequences positive or negative. This list will help you make good choices, cuss less, and smile more.

1. A ratcheting pad spreader like this one from Blue Point. Yes, a C clamp and other things work but this makes life so much easier and much more efficient.

2. A bleeder that works every time. Having one tool that does the job of 4 is as good as it sounds. This bleeder can be used to reverse bleed, vacumn bleed, pressure bleed, and bench bleed.


3. Wind down wasted time in your shop with a Pneumatic wind back tool. Hook it up to an air hose and a couple turns later you are ready to drop those pads in. 

4. No one wants to work on drum brakes but the reality is you probably can’t avoid it. A simple kit like this one can make all the difference.

5. A rusted bleeder screw can really slow the process up and cause frustration. The Break Free goes in an air hammer and helps make loosening the bolt/screw quick and easy.

There is a lot to deal with as a mechanic and it is hard work. If anyone deserves to have a slight edge it is you, the list isn’t exhaustive but it gives you a start. Anything to add to our list? Comment below. Click on any of the pictures for more info. Good luck!

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