Mike Baskette, Testimonial, Sept 27 2012

I heard about the Phoenix System Bleeder by going on-line and looking around. I needed something to get the air out of my lines. The old fashion way was not cutting it for me. I always had to use a neighbor or someone I didn’t like very much so putting the tool in my hand gave me more control. I am the typical male, I don’t like to read instructions so the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake bleeder was just what I needed. I bled several 70’s corvettes, a 63 Porsche, 70’s Boss Mustang and a Lotus.

Phoenix Systems was a real treat to work with, they have been spot on with every question I have had. I would refer them to anybody, in fact I have, I have referred them to the Porsche and Lotus clubs.

Brake Job Done Well

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