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If you do mechanic work, you probably already know something about bleeding brakes. And one thing you’ve definitely learned over the years is that brake bleeding can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process – particularly for certain vehicles and especially for ABS. Which is why you may be surprised to find out there are tools that can make bleeding brakes fast and easy – and oh, we should also mention: extremely simple. They are called the Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeders, and we’re certain it’ll change the way you think about brake bleeding. With a Phoenix Bleeder, one man can bleed the brakes on any vehicle in 10 minutes or less – even if it’s a tough ABS job (you won’t need a scan tool or special clips). Tip: Our Patented Reverse Bleed Technology is what makes this tool so unique. The Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeder is a revolutionary tool based on an incredibly obvious concept: Air wants to go up. That’s it. Traditional brake bleeding tools and techniques fight this principle. At Phoenix, we harness it, so you can quickly remove all the air from the whole braking system. Reverse bleeding: It’s an idea so simply and obviously right that most people ask, Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

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“I ordered this to use on my motorcycle and it works perfectly. Pushing brake and clutch fluid through the system has always been the best way to bleed brakes or clutches and now it is super simple. I bought this instead of the complete kit due to price and I am very satisfied. The system delivered flawless operation and was easy to set up. I hope it lasts as I have many projects I will use this for.” – C. Guy

“After installing all new brake lines in my Cobra kit car, I could not get all the air out of the lines. I tried the traditional 2-person pump and bleed for hours and still couldn’t get all the air out. Bought a Phoenix Systems reverse bleeder and had all the air out in less than 30 minutes and had a rock hard brake pedal. I used it again on my next kit car, a Superlite Coupe. Again, took less than half an hour to fill brand new lines, and the hydraulic clutch too. One warning – if you have bleeder screws with check valves, this won’t work.” -Pete B.

“GREAT PRODUCT!!! used this on a Honda Passport and it worked great!” -Scott K.

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