Dan L’Heureux had a 1967 A-H Mark II on which he rebuilt the brakes. His concern was not being able to get a hard/firm pedal on his new brakes. It all changed after he found the Phoenix Systems’ Reverse Brake Bleeder.

Here is Dan’s story:

“After rebuilding the brakes on my 67 A-H Mark II I could not get a hard pedal – I tried the conventional self-bleeders, had several patient friends pump the pedal time after time and simply could not arrive at desired result.

I saw an ad for the Phoenix System Reverse Brake Bleeder and it caught my eye because it made logical sense – push the fluid into the calipers and lines rather than trying to suck it out so I ordered one of the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeders On Line…

…I would recommend because it resolved a difficult situation – something conventional procedures did not.”


Dan L’Heureux

Plymouth, MN

Dan L’Heureux’s 1967 A-H Mark II

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