Chris Dedyo left us a wonderful Testimonial on our Reverse Brake Bleeder tool.

“I have been using a vacuum bleeder that I connect to my air compressor to bleed the brakes on my 2006 Corvette for the last 6 years.  I could not get the pedal as firm as I felt it should be with the vacuum bleeder.  I was watching Gearz on the speed channel and Stacy David debuted a Reverse Brake Bleeder system from Phoenix Systems. It made so much sense I purchased it that same day. After reading the instructions, I bled the brakes on the Corvette and it worked perfectly. In less than 30 minutes and the pedal firmed up nicely.

I was surprised how easy the Reverse bleeder was to use and set up. I not only use it on my Corvette, but my Tundra, my wife’s Camry and on my 2008 CRF450R motocross bike.

Great job on a great tool!


Chris Dedyo”

Brake Job Done Well

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