Interview with Steve Butler Reveals New Method on Bleeding Motorcycle Brakes

Interview with Steve Butler Reveals New Method on Bleeding Motorcycle Brakes


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St. George, UT: February 23, 2016 – This month’s consumer experience story is given to us from Steve Butler out of Kokomo, Indiana. Little background on Steve, he is a Technical Manager at Delphi Automotive LLP, a leading technology company for automotive and commercial vehicles. He said he is not only an enthusiast of technology and cars, but of motorcycles, boats, and just about anything else with an engine.

Steve said he has multiple cars in his garage alongside with his motorcycles and a nice boat to take out the family on the weekends. He noted the only problem with having multiple toys is that there is inevitably going to be at least one problem amongst the collection.

His motorcycles have always seemed to be a difficult problem to solve. “For anybody who has had to perform a brake flush on your motorcycle, you know it can be quite taxing. Calipers have to be hung over the bike itself, and it can create a mess that may only solve half of the problem. Also, with this old method, you run the risk of ruining the motorcycles cosmetic appearance with any spill of brake fluid,” said Steve.

Steve continued to say, “I was experiencing these motorcycle problems, along with a very stubborn Chevy Trail Blazer that refused to properly flush out the retired fluid.” After running three quarts of brake fluid through the Chevy system and not getting proper results, Steve turned to what he called his best resource, the Internet.

Simply typing, “brake bleeding,” into his search engine brought him to, the home page for Phoenix Systems. Steve said after searching through many possible solutions, the V12 Reverse Brake & Clutch Bleeder seemed to stand out.

The V12 Reverse Brake & Clutch Bleeder is built for the do it yourself mechanic who wishes to perform any brake job by themselves. This brake and clutch bleeder not only relieves the stress of finding another person to help you perform one task, but also saves you from wasting time and unnecessary brake fluid.

Steve said after reading the functions of the product and watching a couple, “how to videos,” he decided he had the confidence that this tool could solve his problems.

Steve expressed his reassurance for the product by saying, “I was able to bleed my car very quickly and with very little brake fluid. Not only did it work really well for my Chevy, but I also decided I might as well use it for my motorcycles. That way I don’t have to go through the old tricks of taking the calipers off and using a step ladder to hold them in the air.”

“I’ve been bleeding brakes on my cars for over 30 years, and this gave me a refreshing change. I’ve never been anything but frustrated with this procedure. Phoenix Systems did a really good job at relieving my stress,” Steve said.

Phoenix Systems brake bleeders provide anybody, from the inexperienced mechanic to the seasoned shop owner, the ability to simply perform an efficient brake job. These tools pair with their innovative brake fluid test strips to know when a brake job is necessary on any vehicle.

For further information contact:

Phoenix Systems, LLC

1076 East Commerce Drive, Suite 400

St. George, UT 84790

Telephone (888) 760-5842 or email

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Brake Bleeder Testimonial – Adam Prokish

Brake Bleeder Testimonial – Adam Prokish

Received this great testimonial on our brake bleeder from Adam Prockish.

“I really like the bleeder system from phoenix systems. It performed flawlessly and was able to get air out of a hydraulic clutch system when other products would not. I heard about the product on the tv show Trucks!. I would definitely refer this product to friends and family”




Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Michael Hall

A gentleman by the name of Michael Hall recently left us a short but sweet reverse brake bleeder testimonial. We would like to share it with you here along with some pictures of his pretty amazing build.

“I was attracted to the brake bleeder because I am a one man operation most of the time and now I can bleed a system by myself. After seeing the reverse bleeder on Power block TV I had to try one, could not have been more pleased.

Michael Hall”

Here are those pictures we promised you.

Reverse Brake Bleeder Video Testimonial from John Lyle

John Lyle was kind enough to send us a testimonial on his brake bleeder kit use and a photo of his Bronco.  Pretty sweet ride…not sure I would take it off road if it were mine.  Here is what he said about the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder:

“When I saw the Phoenix brake bleeder on TV for the first time, it got my attention, ” reverse bleeding? Well that sounds cool.”  So, I ordered a kit. The first time I opened the box, I thought, “Cool!”

You get all these cool little adapters, all the hoses and accessories you need.  After using the Phoenix brake bleeder BY MYSELF….WOW!!!

I have never felt brakes that firm in my life.

Recently I have used it on my hydraulic clutch set up. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have this tool I wouldn’t of been able to bleed my clutch.

If anyone is looking for the ultimate tool, the best firmest brakes, There’s no doubt Phoenix brake tools are the leaders in the industry”

Thanks John for the kind words and the photo of your awesome looking ride.

Brake Bleeder Testimonial from William Gentry

William Gentry was searching for the best brake bleeder kit on the market and he found it at Phoenix Systems.  Here is what he told us when asked about the reverse brake bleeder that he purchased:

“We purchased the Phoenix Systems reverse brake bleeder because we needed something that was really going to help us bleed our brake lines on a Jeep project.  My son owns two jeeps and I have one.  We wanted to make sure it worked right and that we wouldn’t be spending a whole lot of time bleeding the system back and forth back and forth.   With that in mind, we purchased the bleeder tool and it worked exactly how it was advertised.  The tool has been a Godsend and it saved us a lot of time and energy.  I would recommend this tool to anyone.  We originally saw it on Gearz TV with Stacy David.”

Here are some pictures of one of  those Jeeps.

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