Hyundai Fined $17.35 Million by Feds Over Brake-Fluid Recall

Hyundai Fined $17.35 Million by Feds Over Brake-Fluid Recall

Hyundai has agreed to pay a $17.35 million fine for delayed reporting of a brake defect affecting Genesis luxury cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Thursday.

The defect involves corrosion in critical brake system components that can reduce braking effectiveness and increase the risk of a crash, NHTSA said. Hyundai was aware in 2012 that brake fluids used in the model year 2009-2012 Genesis cars did not sufficiently inhibit corrosion in key components of the vehicle’s brake system, the agency said.

Read more about the Hyundai fine and recall here:

BrakeShot Is The 1st Ever Brake Fluid Enhancer

BrakeShot Is The 1st Ever Brake Fluid Enhancer


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BrakeShot™ – First new enhancer to fight corrosion by Phoenix Systems

St George, UT: Phoenix Systems has announced BrakeShot, the first new brake fluid enhancer designed to fight corrosion induced by the harmful effects of copper.

BrakeShot uses DOT guidelines and is specifically formulated to retard copper corrosion in the braking system. BrakeShot prevents sticking calipers, ailing master cylinders, and other ABS braking troubles brought about by corrosion and high copper levels, in the brake system.

To determine if BrakeShot can cure a contaminated system, use BrakeStrip to determine the copper parts per million (ppm) in the brake fluid. BrakeStrip is a 60-second brake fluid test that turns shades of purple according to the level of copper in the braking system.

If the strip indicates a copper level of between 50-175ppm, simply add a one-ounce bottle of BrakeShot to the master cylinder. After 50-100 miles of driving, BrakeShot will re-energize the corrosion inhibitors to protect all the metals in the entire brake system and prevent further corrosion. If, however, the test strip indicates 200ppm or greater, the brake system requires flushing and the fluid replaced.

With multiple patents pending a one-ounce shot of BrakeShot treats up to 1 liter of brake fluid, which is the average capacity of a vehicle’s braking system. Cheaper and quicker than a brake flush, BrakeShot is universal and works on all foreign and domestic vehicles. Packaged in a case of 12, each bottle retails for $15-$20, and expected to be released in July 2014.

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For further information and where to purchase contact:

Phoenix Systems LLC

4012 S River Rd #4B

St George, UT 84790

Telephone (866) 760-5842 or e-mail or visit:

BrakeShot 5 Bottles

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Elvis Is In The Building

Elvis Is In The Building

For those of you that thought Elvis Presley was dead and gone, well, here at Phoenix Systems he is alive and well.  He may not eat many grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches but he can still sing and perform.

One of our employees did something that he had never done before and that was to perform on stage.  Kevin Conley is an Elvis fanatic and does a pretty amazing job as an Elvis Tribute Artist too.  He loves him some Elvis and we think that you will enjoy the following videos from his performance at the Casa Blanca in Mesquite, NV from June 2013.  Kelvis (see what we did there with Kevin and Elvis??), as he is known now at Phoenix Systems performed songs by Elvis from the 50’s, the 60’s and the 70’s.

Click on each of the 4 videos, sit back, and enjoy the performance.  And one last thing…Thank You. Thank You Very Much!!!

Self-Driving Cars Are Here…and getting better

With all hype surrounding the next big thing in technology and advancements of such technology, this is one advancement and innovation that has not seemed to attract a lot of attention.  At least not the attention that it should.  How many LOVE their commute to work?  How many HATE their commute to work?  How many wish that they could get in their car and just go without worrying about which exit to take or how fast to go or any other plethora of questions that might come your way?  How many wish there was a self-driving car that worked?  I do and I know a lot of people that wish this same wish…some more than others.  Well, this wish will have to wait a little longer but it is ever-closer to coming true.

Watch this video and tell me you are not impressed.  Here is to hoping and wishing that the dream of self-driving cars comes true in my lifetime.

Brake Bleeder and BrakeStrip CU+ID in Professional Tool and Equipment News March 2013

Do you read Professional Tool and Equipment News?  Phoenix Systems was mentioned twice in the March 2013 Issue of PTEN.  The first one is the cover story and is focused on Honda Caliper and issues with intermittent seizing and how the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder can help with that concern.

The second mention is on BrakeStrip CU+ID brake fluid test strips and how a shop can increase brake fluid exchange revenue by using CU+ID by brake fluid testing every car that comes in for copper content and for brake fluid type with one strip.

Check out the mentions out by clicking on the links below.

PTEN March 2013-Brake Bleeder (original source

PTEN March 2013-BrakeStrip CU+ID (original source

Tips And Tricks With Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeders

One task that has always been a two-man job was bleeding your brakes.  We all want to have the best braking system possible, and when it comes time to change calipers or wheel cylinders, we dread the task of finding someone to help us bleed the brakes. You have probably been there before: you have crawled up under the car at the farthest point and put your wrench on the bleeder valve, and you holler out, “okay, pump it!”.  “What?”, is typically the response, so you holler out again. They pump the pedal, and then you tell them to hold it and they release the pressure and say, “what?”

What happens when you can’t get a friend to come over and help you?   You end up asking your significant other.  Your significant other probably sees all the grease and grime on you and usually passes on helping you out, telling you to get one of the kids.  Your teenager laughs and says, “yeah, right” in between text messages or killing zombies on his video game, and your preschooler says, “I’ll do it”.  You know she really would but you know she can’t reach the pedal.  You are faced with a dilemma and nobody, but you, understands the crisis you are facing in not being able to bleed your brakes.  What do you do?

Well, here at Phoenix Systems, we have some pretty cool tools that can help turn this two-man act into a one-man show with our one-man reverse brake bleeders.  You can skip asking anybody for any favors when it comes to bleeding brakes.  These reverse brake bleeders, for the budget-conscious or the professional, will help you bleed the brakes, by yourself, in almost no time at all.  PowerTV uses the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeders in their own shop, and shop dawg Sean G. has been seen bleeding the caliper on Project BluePrint and on every other build that comes into their shop.

Phoenix Systems

affordable V-12 DIY brake bleeder is budget priced; you can use this Reverse Brake Bleeder system to remove trapped air from your brake lines, thus giving you a firmer pedal, according to Phoenix Systems CEO Jon Petty.

If you’ve heard about these do-it-yourself brake bleeders, or not, but you’re not sure how they work, no worries!  Check out our video page that shows you how many of our tools and reverse brake bleeders work.  Check them out and if you’re tired of bribing friends to help you bleed your brakes, Check out the reverse brake bleeders in our store.

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