Here is a Testimonial from Brian Sanford on the Phoenix Systems’ Reverse Brake Bleeder.

“I purchased the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder because I work on a lot of cars.  I do mostly racing at the track and I needed something where I could bleed by myself.  My brother helps me a lot but sometimes he is not around and I have to work on the car alone.  I saw the Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder tool on YouTube.  I was just looking for ways to do my brakes and came across one of your videos that explained the whole tool.  I was impressed so I made the purchase.

It has worked beautifully.  I am extremely happy with the tool.  I can bleed my brakes all by myself now and very fast at the track.  My BRAKES have been ROCK HARD on the track and that’s important.  I would recommend this tool to anybody who doesn’t have people around to help and needs it done fast.”

Brake Job Done Well

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