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One of the major problems and concerns with servicing brakes is the issue of comebacks.


The root cause of this problem can be traced to not applying a consistent philosophy to the brake service problem.



We have come up with a solution to help you alleviate the issue of brake service comebacks.

At the core of success in the brake service industry is the belief in 2 core philosophies. Always being aware of these ensures that when you are involved in brake service, the best possible job will be done.

Here they are:

“I would rather be paid for something today than have to give it away tomorrow”

Translation: If I do not perform a proper inspection and it results in me missing something that later causes the vehicle to return with a comeback, I lose. Spending a few extra minutes making sure to check everything necessary will have a twofold positive effect.

  1. More legitimate profit will be generated on a daily basis.
  2. The shop will have less comebacks.

“If I am charging a customer to perform brake service I am going to do the steps necessary to keep the car away from my shop as long as possible”

Translation: If I shortcut to many things it may very well cause the customer to come back prematurely with a problem. When this happens everyone involved in the process loses. The shop loses because a bay is tied up with a nonpaying job, the technician loses because most warranty jobs don’t pay, and the customer loses because they had to comeback for a service that should have been done correctly the first time they came in.

Follow these two philosophies and beliefs and you should not only see a reduction in brake service comebacks but in other services that you perform.

Nobody likes comebacks and it doesn’t take that much to eliminate the majority of them.

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