Adam Davila was kind enough to send us some pictures  of his vehicle and a testimonial of the Reverse Brake Bleeder Kit.

“I saw the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake bleeder on a TV show advertisement.  I thought I would give it a shot, the tool worked flawlessly.  I found it saves a lot of time compared to doing it the old way, where one person was at the bleed screw and another person in the vehicle pumping the brake pedal.  The tool allows me to hook the tool up to the bleed screw and bleed all by myself, which is a lot easier to get all the air bubbles out.  I would recommend this tool to anyone who is a hobbyist or a professional.  If you’re a professional, you have to have this tool.  I would recommend the Phoenix System’s Reverse brake bleeder in a heartbeat.”

Brake Job Done Well

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