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Tech Tricks Tuesday

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Pressure Bench Bleeding

Problem: Ineffective bench bleeding causing air to enter hydraulic system Cause: Air left in the no-pressure areas of master cylinder (Sections A & C in Figure 81.1) migrates to pressure areas once master cylinder is installed.  Figure 81.1 Solution: Apply...

Bleeding Brake Valves

Problem: Low spongy pedal as a result of trapped air in certain types of brake valves Cause: The internal design and fluid flow through certain types of brake valves creates the possibility for air to become trapped. The trapped air will not be able to be removed...

Pulse Generation

Problem: Removing trapped air Cause: Air bubbles have a tendency to "stick" to the various internal components. This trapped air can cause a low, spongy brake pedal. Solution: Apply Pulse Generation to the hydraulic system during either pressure or RFI bleeding. Pulse...

Brake Fluid Flush Pointers

Problem: Leaving old fluid in master cylinder no-pressure chambers during pressure or vacuum bleeding Cause: When performing pressure or vacuum bleeding the fluid flow created by the bleeding process leaves the fluid in the master cylinder's no-pressure areas...

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