Tech Tricks Tuesday

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Brake System Troubleshooting Tips THINK SAFETY!! Don’t attempt working on your brakes if you aren’t experienced with brake systems. These troubleshooting tips assume a person is familiar and equipped with jacking and supporting safety stands, brake tools, seal and...

Heater 101

Heater 101 Winter is here a little earlier than expected and with that comes the chance of your heater system not functioning properly. We have all been there. The first real cold morning comes along, and we patiently wait for our car to warm up, so we can turn on the...

Rotors, Brake Hoses and More

Brake Service Basics With everything that could go wrong, servicing brakes can sometimes feel overwhelming. Over the years we have found if we keep it simple and use tried and true service methods your brake work can be very successful. The following pictures and text...

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