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Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Eric Tork

Another wonderful testimonial from  Eric Tork. "I was doing a suspension overhaul on my most recent truck build and had to replace the front brake lines.  Getting these Blazers to bleed down doesn't always go smoothly.  I also needed a way to flush the lines from the...

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Brake Bleeder Testimonial from JD Bohlman

We received this Testimonial on the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder from JD Bohlman not too long ago.  He has given us permission to share it with you. "I am not sure if I first saw the Phoenix bleeder system on Bang or on a Power Block show.  In...

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Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Francis Goebel

Francis Goebel was kind enough to share his experience with us regarding bleeding brakes with the Reverse Brake Bleeder from Phoenix Systems "I own a 1972 Pontiac LeMans.  I purchased this car brand new and I have all the original paperwork plus the license plates.  I...

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Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Bradley Fryauff

This is another recent testimonial from Bradley Fryauff. "When I used to bleed my brakes before buying your tool, I would always have to have my dad or someone else to help me. My brakes never really seemed to come out as stiff as I liked them to be. Once I saw...

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Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Lee Schmunk

We received another wonderful Testimonial from another happy customer named Lee Schmunk.  Here is his Testimonial: "The local Ford dealer informed me that the brake fluid in my 1998 Mustang was dirty and needed to be changed.  I wanted to accomplish the work myself. ...

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Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Jeffrey Skiba

Jeffrey Skiba, a happy customer of Phoenix Systems, was kind enough to leave a testimonial with us along with his testimonial, he submitted a picture of one of the vehicles he used the Bleeder on. "I first saw the Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder on a TV show and thought...

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Chris Dedyo’s Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

Chris Dedyo left us a wonderful Testimonial on our Reverse Brake Bleeder tool. "I have been using a vacuum bleeder that I connect to my air compressor to bleed the brakes on my 2006 Corvette for the last 6 years.  I could not get the pedal as firm as I felt it should...

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Ted Hough’s Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

I first heard of your product (Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder) while watching a Saturday morning car show.  I had been having trouble getting a solid pedal on my Factory 5 Roadster.  I suspected an incomplete bleed as all the lines were newly installed. I...

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Brian Sanford’s Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

Here is a Testimonial from Brian Sanford on the Phoenix Systems' Reverse Brake Bleeder. "I purchased the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder because I work on a lot of cars.  I do mostly racing at the track and I needed something where I could bleed by myself.  My...

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Anthony Simione’s Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

Here is a Testimonial from a Phoenix Systems' customer by the name of Anthony Simione.  He also shared 3 pictures with us of his vehicles. "I do some hot-rodding and restorations as a hobby and work alone in my 2 car shop with a narrow lift that makes getting in and...

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