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Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Michael Hall

A gentleman by the name of Michael Hall recently left us a short but sweet reverse brake bleeder testimonial. We would like to share it with you here along with some pictures of his pretty amazing build. "I was attracted to the brake bleeder because I am a one man...

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Reverse Brake Bleeder Video Testimonial from John Lyle

John Lyle was kind enough to send us a testimonial on his brake bleeder kit use and a photo of his Bronco.  Pretty sweet ride...not sure I would take it off road if it were mine.  Here is what he said about the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder: "When I saw the...

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Brake Bleeding Guide – Better Prep For Better Brakes

We Take A Look To See If The Phoenix Injector Can Help You Improve Braking Performance And Reduce Maintenance Time From the February, 2011 issue of Circle Track By Jeff Huneycutt This is Phoenix System's MaxPro. It doesn't take a new race team long to learn that...

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Reverse Brake Bleeding Field Test Results = BEWARE…

(This came from a VERY Satisfied customer) ... You will need to re-learn how to drive with Harder Brakes!! Sorry couldn't help myself 😛 Okay Fellas, Here are the results of the Reverse Brake Bleed system by Phoenix Systems. I was truly trying to make this thing fail...

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To Vacuum or not to Vacuum

This is the type of call I get from time to time on my tech help line. The story begins like this. Dave calls from New Jersey, complaining to me that after trying one of the many vacuum bleeders on the market, he has come to the conclusion that vacuum bleeders won’t...

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Will your brake bleeder bleed my vehicle?

It usually starts like this " I have a 2004 make and model can your brake bleeder work on my vehicle or do I have to buy any extra adapters? Yes it will! The answer to all questions about whether the phoenix bleeder can bleed your specific vehicle is YES! The phoenix...

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Put on Your Brakes and Read!

Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeders Solve All Kinds of Problems Hi, this is Elizabeth again with Part III of my own personal education on what is under the hood of my car. In doing my research on Brake Bleeding. Systems, I found out the the U.S. Military is the largest...

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Getting Rid of Trapped Air In Your Brake Lines!

  This is Elizabeth Ann again-regular driver like you, trying to make my way through what my car really needs regarding my brakes. As I said at the end of my last post, I found out some pretty interesting info and I wanted to share with you. I found out that I...

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Brakes-What Do You Know About Bleeding Your Brakes?

Brake Bleeding - An Important Lesson For You I’m a regular driver, probably a lot like you. I know how to change my oil, check my tires and I am aware of taking the car into the shop for periodic maintenance. I also recognize the importance of making sure my brakes...

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