Here is a Testimonial from a Phoenix Systems’ customer by the name of Anthony Simione.  He also shared 3 pictures with us of his vehicles.

“I do some hot-rodding and restorations as a hobby and work alone in my 2 car shop with a narrow lift that makes getting in and out of a car a chore when it’s up. I also work alone 99% of the time and have tried a few bleeding tricks but always resorted to the old “pump and hold” method for the best results.

A while ago I was watching GEARZ and saw the Phoenix reverse bleeder featured and it seemed like a simple effective system to use so I ordered one. After a quick look at the instructions I was one man reverse bleeding my TVR.

I have had the tool for about 2 years now and it is working perfect. I have used it on about 5 different cars and haven’t had any difficulty and
the tool has held up fine the seals and adaptors are still like new. It’s a simple easy tool to use and a must have for the one man operation!!”

Brake Job Done Well

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