BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Testing Interactive Video

Watch these BrakeStrip Interactive Videos.

Brake Bleeding Methods You Can Perform

The 4 brake bleeding methods you can perform are…

Rear Brake Drag or Lockup -Drum Brakes

Problem: One or both rear wheels lockup during braking or the rear end of the car squats when braking. Click Here for a solution.

“As a mechanic for the last 30 years, and a TV car talk host for the last 3, I only wish there were more guys out there like you. I’m truly amazed that someone hasn’t come up with such a great brake bleeding product before, because it REALLY saves time and most of all AGGRAVATION.”
Scotty Kilmer

“I’ve used a Phoenix Brake Bleeder for 2 years. My foster son didn’t know what it was and I had it in my waste can, draining the fluid out. He emptied the can in the dump. It’s like losing my right arm!! I need one right now. Thanks for your help.”
Allen Weaver

My customers really like the test strips, and that’s saying a whole lot, because many customers don’t trust anybody. But they like the strips because it’s something they can see.
Dave Trottner

Dave Trottner's Auto Repair

Finally a tool that works as well as it looks. No more bugging your spouse or friends to pump the brakes for you. This tool has paid for itself many times over. Thanks Phoenix Systems for producing such a fine product. BTW, did I mention I love the tool!
Paul Fitzgibbons

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