Training Videos


Brake Strip Instructional Video


Gearz 60 Second Brake Fluid Test Demo Video

Worlds #1 Brake Fluid Test. Determine brake fluid condition in 60 seconds. See the demo

MAXPRO Brake Bleeder Instructional Video


V12 Bleeder Kit Instructional Video


100% Stopping Power in Minutes! Video

This is the HD version. Get 100% stopping power in minutes with Phoenix Systems Brake Tools! Record braking performance is minutes away with Phoenix Systems revolutionary brake tools that deliver performance you can feel. This Stacey Davids' Gearz segment shown on SPEED Channel demonstrates Phoenix Systems' revolutionary brake tools. See the Phoenix reverse brake bleeder in action and learn how to get a rock hard brake or clutch pedal in minutes. Also see a demonstration of the new #1 brake fluid test in the world, called BrakeStrip. Learn in minutes how ONLY Phoenix Brake Tools and patented reverse bleeding solve many brake bleeding problems. The difference in pedal response and firmness is something you can feel. One customers says, "I had to learn all over again how to drive my Chevelle because of the difference in brake response".

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V12 DIY Bleeder Instructional Video

This video quickly shows how to reverse bleed and vacuum bleed with a V12 DIY brakebleeder.