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BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Testing Interactive Video

Watch these BrakeStrip Interactive Videos.

Brake Bleeding Methods You Can Perform

The 4 brake bleeding methods you can perform are…

New! Double-Ended test strip for Coolant + Brake Fluid

Each strip tests Coolant and Brake Fluid

“I’ve used a Phoenix Brake Bleeder for 2 years. My foster son didn’t know what it was and I had it in my waste can, draining the fluid out. He emptied the can in the dump. It’s like losing my right arm!! I need one right now. Thanks for your help.”

Allen Weaver

“As a mechanic for the last 30 years, and a TV car talk host for the last 3, I only wish there were more guys out there like you. I’m truly amazed that someone hasn’t come up with such a great brake bleeding product before, because it REALLY saves time and most of all AGGRAVATION.”

Scotty Kilmer